Mexico – Hurricane Resistant

Hurricane Resistant EVG 3D Panel Home, in Baja Mexico


Another of builder Ian McGonagle hurricane proof structures. This home is built in Mexico Baja California East Cape area.

Hurricane proof home, a side view of this 3-d panel home.

Hurricane proof home.

Hurricane proof home, a front lower ground level of this home, the Portland cement concrete has been applied.

Hurricane proof home, you can see the roof line by looking at the rebar they go thru the 3-D Panels into the roof panels one up and one down.

Hurricane proof home, shoring supporting exterior soffit until Portland cement concrete has been installed.

Hurricane proof home, interior side of the 3-d panel wall system, the engineer designed poured concrete beam around the large window opening.

Hurricane proof home, interior view, a look at a plan desk, electrical work and plumbing. This home is being built by Ian McGonagle; the photos were taken by Rod Hadrian while on vacation in lower Baja California Mexico Dec. 04. Ian has built many beautiful homes in this area.