ICF or SCIP For Concrete Home Construction?

Similar in appearance at first glance, both look like polystyrene foam, however the construction is not the same. Why? The prefabricated construction of SCIP out performs ICF when, and where it matters most. We are living in a time of change, with an ever changing climate the idea of building disaster resistant against mother natures perils is a topic of research and growing concern.

In the images below, a home that was built using ICF construction, was devastated during fire season in California.




Building with Concrete, or Wood? Quickly becomes a budget issue, because to some it may be out of range. However, Tridipanels are affordable, and there are affordable floor plan options, to consider.

Building with concrete is a specialty market, so knowing that you have a builder that you can trust, or an architect that is able to engineer a buildable design using the 3D panels are all part of the planning process. Staying on plan budget during a build, by anticipating, the timing of the project, during seasonal changes in climate, basically how the materials will respond in their environment during the build is a rare skill. Which is why, bad timing/planning is one of the reasons concrete projects fail to meet budget.

Building with concrete, and Rod Hadrian, are one in the same. We are here to assist you and consult with you in managing the project, training builders, reviewing architectural design, assisting with engineering questions, and ordering the correct Quantity, and cutting the correct length, for a successful concrete and 3D panel custom design, or available model floor plan.


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