Hurricane Resistant Homes built with EVG 3D Panel System

Hurricane Resistant homes built using SCIP EVG 3D Panel System,  sustained Mother Nature’s wrath.  Over the last 20 years, we have experienced our own homes or our neighbors home being destroyed or threatened by unpredictable weather patterns. This new normal has most of us rethinking the way to rebuild. This gallery depicts images around the world including; the East Coast,  Caribbean, Gulf areas of Mexico and the United States after a natural disaster. The homes that were built using EVG 3D Panel System as a sustainable building material still stand in areas where the building material used, is wood, experienced unfortunate devastation. For more information on sustainability, and ICC reports, visit the tech specs tab

Carolyn Richards Home
Note this small wood gable is the only thing damaged! The EVG 3D Panel Wall System is so strong that it will not move or shift, thus the main roof tie-downs will hold in place.

Carolyn Richards standing in front of her recently finished new home. Former President Jimmy Carter and volunteers with Habitats for Humanity built these houses in fourteen days. Shortly after Hurricane Andrew hit, the Tridipanel homes survived quite well.

This is a photo of the general area around the fourteen homes built in Homestead, Florida after hurricane Andrew.