Hurricane Resistant Homes Built with 3D Prefabricated Concrete Panels


These homes were built in areas prone to hurricanes, and other natural disasters.


The structures you see here are being built in Mexico, Baja California. Just north of Cabo San Lucas approximately 25 miles, the builder is Ian McGonagle. It is my feeling that the homes I have been to and projects that I have walked are as good as or better than any I have seem! The total homes or structures are 95% or more EVG 3-D panel walls, roofs, floors, retaining walls almost everything, not much wood or block, these guys have it figured out! The homes shown here will be hit by hurricane force winds, it’s just a matter of when! They have no fear!

Hurricane proof homes in Baja Mexico December 04, exterior view of the 3-d panel home. This is a soon to be concrete stair well, note the # 4 rebar fasten thru the 3-D Panels and connect to another flat 3-d panel which will act as the stringer.

Hurricane proof homes, the inside view of stringer for the stair well, steps will be formed on this 3-d panel.

Hurricane proof homes, the upper deck with a beautiful view of the Sea of Cortez.

Hurricane proof home, a view from the upper living area. The electrical has been run thru the 3-d panel floor panels.

Hurricane proof homes, the 3-d panel roof system. The roof panels are set in place, the electrical work finished.

Hurricane proof homes, the 3-d panel roof system, the contractor is Ian McGonagle has removed some of the foam core, enough to expose two sets of truss wires approximately six inches of foam, the rebar has been installed, form lumber and shoring will be installed under the rebar, this will be poured solid from the top side. A rule if you’re in question on spans or strength, concrete and rebar can be added at will, this detail has been engineered for this floor and roof span!

Hurricane proof homes, shoring has been installed under 3-D Panels, shoring should be set away from the exterior walls so there is room to work on the walls, also shoring should be laid out and planned ahead, scaffolding usually is set between the post so workers can work on the ceiling or bottom of the roof structures.

Hurricane proof homes, Portland cement has been applied.

Hurricane proof homes, this finish home will look similar to the home being built; this is a neighbor’s home.

Hurricane proof home, this is another home in the same area, this finish home looks similar to the home being built, this is also a neighbors home.

Hurricane proof homes, this is another home built with the 3-D Panels, it is another one of the neighbors in the same area.