Sea Of Cortez, Baja Mexico Disaster Resistant Home

This seat is made of 3-D Panels, Don Phillips built this into the side wall facing the pool, and the seat has a smooth cement finish.

Hurricane proof home, this large concrete corbel on the interior is made of 3-D Panels with Portland cement.

Hurricane proof homes, this radius wall on the ocean side of the home separates the home from the beach. Adjacent to the large window openings and other windows, Don has installed threaded bolts into the concrete walls; the window covers can be quickly be bolted in place to protect the glass openings during a hurricane. If you look closely you can see the bolts.

Hurricane proof homes, another view of the shower and beautiful concrete wall finish.

Hurricane proof home, the interior of the bathroom built of 3-D Panels with concrete counter tops and base cabinet are all built with the 3-D Panels and Portland cement.

Hurricane proof homes, this table was built by Don and Mary Phillips at their beach home.

Hurricane proof home, soft radius interior finish of arch’s and door way openings.

Hurricane proof home, all walls, roofs, tables, counter tops, cabinets, shower stalls and fire place and some furniture are made of 3-D Panels and Portland cement.

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