Fire Resistant Roel Wall

Fire Resistant Roel wall built as a security wall around an auto dealers car storage lot. Hadrian Const. Co was selected by the owners of this dealership to install the wall system using 3d Cementitious sandwich panels.

Hadrian Tridipanel Systems installs a continuous 1 foot by 2 foot six inches wide continuous footing, normally we would just use steel pipe ten feet on center four feet deep because of numerous underground utilities, we stayed with the 12 inch footings.

By using the 2 and a 1/2 inch galvanize pipe ten feet on center it speeds up the installation of the 3-D Panels. Bill Hadrian installing the 3-D Panels.

The 3-D Panels were pre-cut to size, the 3-D Panels are four foot wide by ten foot were cut in half long ways, they are shown installing a two foot by ten foot panel on the bottom, a number foot rebar is staggered two feet on center.

This complete 700 foot plus long 3-d panel wall six foot high was installed in one day, the small pieces of panel left over were used to make the columns which were installed the following day, all of the product was pre-cut to size by Hadrian Tridipanel Systems.

This is Bill Hadrian burning away foam to allow shotcrete mortar mix to lock in behind the number four rebar.

Some of the foam has been removed around the 2.5 inch galvanize pipe. The shotcrete will create a concrete post here.

Setting the wire mesh corner beads, the corner beads are used by the plastering industry this helps keep the cement mortar mix or shotcrete level and true with less labor, the cap being set level.