Fire Resistant Custom Entry Way in Solana Beach, CA

How to Build a Custom Entry way, Solana Beach

Beautiful Solana Beach, CA inspired entry way, we get many requests for this privacy entry way, it is the perfect coastal architecture.

Creating a radius arch, note skill saw. Cut one side of panel with skill saw using diamond edge masonry blade. This radius was cut about every 12″ on center. Do not cut through both sides.

Form plywood template to opening size, plum and install.

Install foam panel around template. Drill holes through template, push wires through holes in plywood and fasten to wire mesh and tighten until you have desired shape. Leave the template in place until you have applied a thin coat of cement on the exterior side then remove and coat interior inside with cement or shotcrete.

A side view of radius arched opening. Please note there isn’t any footing on the small area of wall shown. Post holes were drilled and # 5 rebar installed which is brought up into the panel’s this wall is approximately 5 ft. high and will be 7 in. thick when completed!

The cement has been applied to the top of the radius arch and plywood form removed. Now the cement and or shotcrete may be applied to arch and wall.