Hurricane Resistant; Wind load Capacity of Prefabricated EPS

Test results from Dade County, FL !

Windload Capacity of 3D Cementitious sandwich panels
The brief synopsis which follows is from the test results report dated 1994 from Dade County, Miami, Florida, pertaining to the wind load capacity of Tridipanel. Three typical Tridipanels 4′ wide and 10′ high with 1 1/2″ of cement on each face were installed vertically, side-by-side, on a concrete slab. They were placed several inches in front of a rigid backup wall with space between the panels and the backup wall. The panels were tested per static-wind load test (PA202-94 manner of testing).

Summary: The specimens tested herein were fully tested in accordance with the Dade County Building Code Compliance Office Protocols PA 201-94, PA 202-94 and PA 203-94. No failures occurred with the specimens, or their fastenings or anchorage. The products described in this report comply with SFBC Sections 2309 and 2315. The panels tested at 126 lbs. per sq. ft. pressure, which represents over 225 mph-wind factor. The TRIDIPANEL SYSTEM is being used on the East Coast to build hurricane and tornado-proof structures.

The load-bearing weights that a typical Tridipanel wall will support is amazing. The typical wood frame and metal frame wall cannot compare to Tridipanel strength. A typical Tridipanel with 2.5″ polystyrene core using eleven-gauge wire, 8′ in height has been tested at a structural load of over 60,300 lbs. Full load bearing chart is available upon request.