Training how to build using Prefabricated panels in Afghanistan

Rod Hadrian (not pictured above) trained with Ron Polena and hardware shop owner in Kabual, Afghanistan, Ron on the left and the owner of the shop in the center and the gentleman.

Photo of hardware stores supplies this was a very large store with many items used in the building of structures.

Ron Polenas foreman Bob from Poland, Bob has built several 3-D Panel structures the gentleman holding the level was the interpreter.

A view of the 3-d panel interior walls.

Another view of the interior of the 3-D Panel walls, this system is so simple to learn, and so strong and energy efficient and cost effective, it is being used world wide.

Ron Polena’s foreman or lead man enjoying a short break, take notice of the tea pot. The armed gentleman on his right was his assigned guard as things are still a little unsettle so to speak in this area of the world.

Interior view.

Exterior view prior to setting the 3-D roof system.

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