Training how to build Disaster Resistant EPS sandwich panels in Hungary

This project was in a home built by Ron Polena of Poland; this home was built in Hungary. Level poured concrete slab and footings.

Many builders like to snap line’s and drill holes for rebar and set rebar into epoxy.

Drilling holes for rebar.

Drilling holes for rebar and placing rebar for 3-d panel walls, this method gives straight easy runs for walls, but most areas require special inspections when using this method.

Rebar has been placed, panels are ready to install, before installing of the 3-D Panels, it is best to snap lines on the slab, one for the wire mesh to set the panels to this mesh line and another for the Portland cement finish, finish plaster or cement line, a clear sealer can be sprayed over this line, and it can be used to finish the walls. Start all 3-D Panels framing at a corner as shown her in this photo.

Standing 3-D Panels, notice the small cuts on one side of the 3-D Panels is to create a radius wall.

Window openings, be sure your opening are correct before cutting the opening, have your windows on site and confirm the size and installation method before cutting the opening.

Creating arched openings are simple, wire mesh angles can be placed over the raw poly foam edge to hold the Portland cement.

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