Sea Of Cortez, Baja Mexico Disaster Resistant Home

Hurricane proof homes, large corbels made of 3-D Panels and Portland cement concrete with a smooth finish.

Hurricane proof home, this cabinet was made for dishes and cups with a concrete counter top. Don Phillips installed the counter top and acid stained finish himself.

Hurricane proof home, the kitchen galley and concrete counter top, all work and design by Don and Mary Phillips.

Hurricane proof home, a book case in Don and Mary’s office.

Hurricane proof home, this fireplace was built with the 3-D Panels; the finish was a smooth trowel finish with Portland cement. Note the different type of windows, round, triangle, etc.

Hurricane proof homes, I love this photo, this concrete furniture, chairs, table, lounge sofa were all built with the 3-d panel system with Portland cement applied with different color stains and finishes, also note the barrel cactus with leather netted top for a seat. Don and May’s home set approximately forty meters from the Sea Of Cortez shore line or maybe even closer, they have no fear of hurricanes.

Hurricane proof home with an outdoor shower and shelf on the beach.

Hurricane proof home with a close up view of The Sea of Cortez and a lounge soft in the front of their home.

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