Sea Of Cortez, Baja Mexico Disaster Resistant Home

Sea Of Cortez, Baja Mexico unique architecture, building with EVG 3D Panel System

While on vacation Dec. 04 I was fortunate to Meet Don and Mary Phillips of Los Barriles, Baja California. The photos that follow are of their beautiful 3-d panel home built on the Sea Of Cortez shore line, I might mention I believe the workman ship is the best I have seen to date regarding the interior and exterior finish coats. Note: Take note of the round windows and radius corners and roof over hangs and also the fact they are inviting Mother Nature to attack, as this home as already survived a hurricane and will survive many more, that I am sure!

Hurricane proof home. This home is being built on the Sea Of Cortez, Baja Mexico, large concrete columns will be added under the over hang.

Hurricane proof home, the garage door openings.

Hurricane proof homes, the large arched openings with a round window are easy to incorporate into the 3-d panel system.

Hurricane proof home, a beautiful exterior finish on this 3-d panel home.

Hurricane proof homes, round radius windows.

Columns created with 3-D Panels. Note the raised cement design on this concrete column.

This hurricane proof home with radius concrete Portland cement roof and columns.

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