Large scale Fire Resistant homes using 3D Cementitious Sandwich panels

4,000 sq ft. Ranch Home, EPS 3D Panel System Disaster Resistant 

EPS 3D Panel building system, this 4000 sq. ft. ranch home being erected by Jim Elliott of Tridipanel Construction Co. for the Samples of Encinitas, California.

Concrete Home with the windows being cut out and window surrounds installed. The windows surrounds are of treated wood, lag bolts or long screws will be fastened into the outside edge and tied to the wire mesh and then Portland cement will then lock the surrounds into place.

The prefabricated foam panels, with wire mesh, building system, using a scaffolding technique, has been installed around the perimeter of the wall system.

Most of the panels shown here were installed in one week.

This image shows he structural insulted panel building system, with the balance of re-bar and top plate ready to receive wood trusses which will soon be installed.

Here, the top plate is being installed lower top right.