In depth build in Egypt using EVG 3D Panel System

This project was a training installation, with H.B.R.C. Housing and Building National Research Center Project Egypt


Re-bar installation, cleaning holes for epoxy to install rebar.

Mixing Sika epoxy for the rebar installing.

The crew installing rebar.

Professor Mosallam and Rod Hadrian at a seafood restaurant in Cairo, Egypt.

Rod Hadrian in from of Safir Hotel in Cairo, this hotel was excellent.

Standing in the first panel, all panels were furnished by the Chinese Manufacturing Co.

Goo Building a beam with the panels.

The crew standing panels.

Panels and scaffolding.

Rod Hadrian and the Chinese counter parts having dinner.

Rod Hadrian and the crew of H.B.R.C. Housing and Building National Research Center Project Egypt.

Rod Hadrian and Chinese crew members, with Dr. Hong on the left with the panel manufacturing company.

The second floor forms being placed around the perimeter prior to concrete being pour.

The right side of the first floor with panels and scaffolding.

Rod Hadrian on his day off enjoying the tour of the Pyramids.

Rod Hadrian in Egypt with the H.B.R.C. Housing and Building National Research Center.

A temporary window jam, it will be removed after shotcrete, and a metal jam installed.

Local green building students viewing our project.

Installing roof panels.

Installing roof panels.

Electrical work and door jams.

The door jam prior to being installed, the jams are the exact width when the concrete is finish off the edge of the jam.

Story pole, you can see the panels marked on the top of the pole this is used to place and angles at the right elevation.

Goo installing wire mesh angles around the perimeter of the room prior to the roof panels being installed.

The night shift installing the flat mesh on the ceiling panels.

Crewman Goo cutting the EVG 3D panel.

Installing electrical pvc piping.

Preparing the floor of the 2nd floor for the concrete pour.

Professor Mosallam and Dr. Mostafa El Demerdasm both of H.B.R.C. discussing the project.

Rod Hadrian, Professor Mosallam and Dr. Mostafa and others members of the H.B.R.C.

Green building, Dr. Mostafa El Demeidasm in front of the recycle bins.

Working on the 2nd floor.

Shoring installed prior to the concrete being pour above.

Door jams set in hallway.

Door jam and electric box, the cement helps hold the door jam in place.

The door jam is install into the panel wall.

Straight edge across two door jams, it is important to line up the jams.

Portland cement being mixed by hand to be applied to the panels.

Screening sand and cement in preparation for EVG 3D panels.

Installing the scaffolding disaster resistant panels for homes

Blowing concrete from the hole so it is dust free for epoxy.