Fire Resistant SCIP Prefabricated sandwich panel in Woodside CA

Mike Muller’s project in Woodside, California, April 2005, Mike Muller’s home of approximately 6000 Sq. Ft. of living space consisted of multi levels with an underground garage, the entire structure is built with the Tridipanels, floor, walls, roof 100% panel. Some of the roof spans were approximately thirty eight feet with cantilevered over hangs some photos will follow the project which is currently under construction.

Upper level shown in this photo adjacent to the garage at the lower level.

Garage built at the lower lever, Tridipanels act as retaining walls on the back side of the home.

Electricians installing the electrical sub panels into panel wall system.

Cutting the length as close as possible to the exact length to prevent the waste of the product is prudent. Panel installer’s sitting on scrape pile.

Mike use this Makita 16 inch beam saw to cut thru the 5 inch polystyrene panel. This panel measures 6-1/4 inches thick from wire to wire, Mike used a 16 inch Mk-404 diamond ductile blade purchased from this saw will cut thru the complete panel.

Makita 16 inch beam saw shown setting on a five inch polystyrene core panel as you can see the blade cuts completely thru the panel.

Mike had extremely long panels and spans here, the installers are raising a panel used as a roof panel, the temporary shoring help keep the panels level.

Installer setting the panel in position as a roof panel, the panel shown in the photo was over thirty feet long, the small narrow piece of panel above will act as a bond beam on top of the roof system.

Trained installers fastening wall panels to the roof panels and adjusting the roof panel.