Fire Resistant Home in Poway CA using 3D Cementitious Sandwich panels

Bob Howes project in Poway, California, Bob will be building a 2800 Sq. Ft. one story home.

Bob is ready to install the first of many 3-d panels, he chose to use the four inch one pound polystyrene with 11 gauge wire panels.

Julio and Oscar, Julio has basically been in charge of finishing the balance of the 3-d panels on this project and will be working with us on future projects, Oscar is his younger brother.

The 3-D panels shown here were installed in a matter of hours. Notice the red and green colors on the slab, this decides which length 3-d panel is used and where, this type of prep work saves time and waste.

The diagonal cuts for the gable ends were all snapped out on the slab, where workers are cutting the 3-d panels, the complete gable end for both garage ends was snapped in one color red and the other gable end in another color.

The 3-D panels here were cut in front of where they stand and placed over the #4 rebar, it is always best to start at a corner as shown in this photo.

The 3-D panel being worked on is the piece which goes between the two garage doors on the front gable end, look closely and you can see the red chalk line of where the pieces were cut out for the garage doors, the workers on the top of the 3-D panels are cutting the apex or point of the top of the gable end.

This is a close up of workers Jonny and Julio cutting apex or point of gable end of the 3-D panel.

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