Fire Resistant EPS 3D panel Dome Fireplace

Dome Homes using  3-d panel building system. Two structures a guesthouse and the main Dome home were built, this is a view of the guest dome home, the fire place and chimney can easily be viewed, the bottoms of this chimney and fireplace were about eight feet in length and approximately four and a half foot wide at the base, the opening in this photo was later made smaller p.v.c. pipe was used as shown in the next photo.

Dome Homes Tridipanel 3-d panel building system, the p.v.c. pipe was used through out the project to create radius openings plastering finishing scratch coat of Portland cement at the face of chimney.

Dome Homes 3-d panel building system, a small 3-d panel wall was built inside of chimney to reflect heat back into main room of guesthouse.

Dome Homes using  3-dpanel building system. The photo here is of two different fireplaces, one in the guesthouse and the other in the main house.

Dome Homes  3-d panel building systems, tiles were installed and floors acid stained and American Clay plaster products were applied to Portland cement surfaces.

Dome Home using 3-d panel building system. When I first started this project I did not believe the fireplaces could be built with this 3-d panel product, as the radius were to tight at the top of the cone chimney, the bottoms were enlarge and made egg shaped so a man or worker could climb up the inside, this photo is in the main between the living room and kitchen and main entry.

Dome Homes, using 3-dpanel building system, the fireplace in the guest Dome Home.

Dome Homes 3-dpanel building systems, small fireplaces were installed here.