Building Concrete Homes in Northern California

The City of Santa Rosa, is the 27th Largest City by population, in California

Sonoma County,  as listed on WiKi is a vast part,  of its rich land and wine country, well known for its big red tree empire.  Gifts of the city, that are rooted in the earth, and being reset by a changing climate. These conditions combined are also the reasons that are keeping Hadrian Construction, building with concrete in Santa RosaHomeowners are keeping us busy with quotes, architects and engineers are consulting with builders, and “ALL”, are firm on rebuilding using concrete sustainable architecture.

 FEMA  planning during an unpredictable, and sometimes peril, mother nature, is a valuable guide for all as we rebuild.

Santa Rosa Hopper Ave. Precast Concrete Sound Wall

Santa Rosa, is rebuilding with concrete homes.

Sound Wall Santa Rosa Hopper Ave Wall