Fire Resistant 3D Cementitious sandwich panel, and

California Rebuild NorthBay, a proactive foundation, are trending in the news, most recently for the fire resistant rebuild of the Hopper Ave. Wall, which is scheduled for completion this May, 2019!

A wall that was damaged beyond repair, during a devastating fire, over 12 months ago. Unfortunately, as the years pass, this has been one of many fires in California. Additionally,  NorthBay continues to set the tone, moving forward in our new normal, with unmatched community involvement, and a stride to “Stay Strong”.

As planned, the wall rebuild will be erected using a fire resistant building material, by now you may have heard many names, in particular is this one which describes its attributes,  a “3D Cementitious sandwich panel”.   We have been building with this material for over 2 decades, and it has proven to be disaster resistant against mother natures wrath.

“There was going to be no uniformity to it,” said Jeff Okrepkie, a founder and former president of Coffey Strong. The walls amount to “a gateway to Coffey Park,” he said, and finding a single solution benefits not just the 42 property owners but the entire community. Well said, former president, and founder of Coffey Strong, Mr. Okrepkie.

Hadrian Const. Co. is one of the contractor’s on the Hopper Wall rebuild, and this wall will be erected using, the same prefabricated fire resistant panels that Rod Hadrian has used for so many years. We were in attendance at the ribbon cutting, on November 8th, as a participant, and we noticed the commitment from the local community, each role is a valuable piece to this projects success, and we are so fortunate for the opportunity, as it is sure to be a part of our history, bookmarked as a disaster resistant way to rebuild.

We will post timeline photos, as they become available, in the mean time, please enjoy these helpful images of disaster resistant wall projects, that Hadrian Const. Co has built over the past 2 decades, using fire resistant Expanded Polystyrene Foam.



Hadrian Construction Co. is Rebuilding the Coffey Strong Hopper Ave Wall

What a way to start off 2019, In Santa Rosa Ca. at Hopper Ave, one of Coffey Strong’s rebuilds, has a slow start, due to being rained out. Slowly but surely, mobilization was completed.

As spring approaches, you can expect to see a new wall, on Hopper Ave.  It is being built with 3D cementitious mesh sandwich panels, which will soon become a concrete, disaster resistant sound wall.

Nov 2018

 Coffey Strong Hopper Ave Wall Project , broke ground to rebuild.

Week of October 1, 2018

The Embattled Debris Removal Company The group Coffey Strong is working with Rebuild Northbay Foundation to demo, clear and rebuild the crumbling wall that runs along Hopper, without asking the homeowners to pay for it. The debris removal company Ashbritt has opted to foot the bill as part of a way to give back to the community.

First Disaster Resistant Wall Panel Erected at Hopper Ave, in Santa Rosa Ca.


Erected 1,000 lineal ft wall, 8′ tall in 5 hours.