Fire Resistant Carlsbad Landscape Wall

The landscape wall systems were approximately two hundred lineal feet of 3D panel walls were erected; the height varies from 42 inches to six feet at the sides and rear.

 This view of the wall you can see the EPS foam, and wire mesh. Decor of any kind can be installed into the panel wall for decorative unique ideas.

Beach cities often have this design, here glass blocks are being installed into the foam and wire mesh of the EVG 3D panel walls.

The foam is cut to receive the glass blocks, the foam and wire mesh are removed, the exact size of the glass block or item being installed into the 3D Panels.

This landscape wall system with glass blocks provides privacy and security.

The disaster proof panels, have the strength, so footings are not required.

 Pipes or re-bars are installed at the ends of each four-foot by ten-foot 3D panel system. These become concrete columns inside the 3D panel walls; the flat mesh is installed over the re-bar or pipe.

Beach towns are unique and we often get requests to place colorful glass cutouts installed into the 3-d panel walls, which has been a #1 request.

Collectible bottles that cast colorful rays with the sun, create  one of a kind architecture.

The artisan places a small handsaw to cut foam and a pair of wire cutters to place glass pieces into the panel wall.

Next, the metal lath is being applied around the colored glass bottles being placed into the 3D Panels.

The metal lath is cut around the glass bottles only leaving the desired portion of glass to be viewed after the Portland cement and stucco have been applied to the EVG 3D Panel Wall.

Here the 3D panel building system with glass bottles and wire mesh.

A Prism of color with the glass bottles and concrete.

Portland cement applied around glass bottles now the desired shape can be completed.

The 1st coat of Portland cement mortar has been applied to the EVG 3D panels.

Grass lawn and landscape, it was not harmed or damaged; because the 3D panel system is much easier than block  to install.

Wood post for gates or other items are easy to install, lag bolts were screwed into the post facing the Portland cement wall. Portland cement was place around the lag bolts to fasten the post to the 3D panel wall system.

Mud boards and stands and a wheel barrow being cleaned, the mud board holds the Portland cement mortar which was hand troweled onto the 3D panel wall system.

Plaster tools that are used to apply the Portland cement mortar to the panel system include; a long rod, a darby, and a hawk to hold Portland cement mortar. And two trowels on the right with  two flotes on the left, the wall is now ready to receive the finish coat.

 Finishes, with plaster applying the stucco finish coat to 3D Panels.

The finishes are done by hand, this technician is applying with attention to detail, with stucco work around the glass block, note the small pointer trowel in his left hand.

Note the finish column and glass bottles in this 3D panel wall system.

The interior side of 3D panel wall with radius cap and glass blocks installed.

Finished exterior side of the EVG 3D panel wall system.

Finished stucco coat, columns and glass bottles.

 Stucco finish placed around the glass bottles, typically there is a prism of color with natural sunlight, as seen above.

Custom Landscape wall, that provides a sound barrier, security, and as a protective wall against mother nature.

Landscape wall using EVG 3D panel system, and the glass cutout blocks.

This view shows the radius of the Panel wall. And the lawn had little to no damage.

Landscape wall with EVG 3D Panel wall system.

Wood posts have ½” lag bolts approximately 5” in length screwed into the post approximately 3 ½” protrude from the post, this is buried into the panel, the Portland cement holds this post in place.