California Rebuild-Fire Resistant


What is Your Fire Resistant,  I.Q.?


Well, mine is a work in progress.

Recently, while visiting family this holiday, I visually noticed the fire hydrant in front of the house. I asked, “how long has it been here”? 

Of course, subconsciously I’ve known that it’s been there, otherwise I would have literally hit it with my car, without a sidewalk, country architecture doesn’t always have paved roads.

During the 2007 fires, the fire hydrant was there, in front of the house, yet I’m seeing it for the first time, as a “fire resistant” tool, invoking  both comfort and gratitude.

California Fires, seem to be more frequent. But not new to our history,  patterns dating over the past 30 years suggest that home occupants had 17 minutes to escape a house fire, but in the 21st Century, possibly due to the way that we build homes, upholstery and wood, we now only have 4 minutes to escape our homes. Article.

Living in any high risk disaster zone, or coexisting along side Mother Nature’s Wrath, planning and being prepared is an ongoing force for all around the globe. Self Education, and Learning about our Environment, fire resistant building options, vs. the house products that are manufactured as a consumer option, like wood, to build a home.  In the first example the furniture is the accelerant, however we continue building with the known accelerant, wood, and subsequently “staging” with combustible interiors. 

If you are currently gathering information, to build with prefabricated 3D  sandwich mesh panels, and you would like to learn about building with concrete, we are here to help! Concrete Home compatibility with the architectural design.