Disaster Resistant Dome Homes building with EPS, sandwich panels

Dome home was design by Mr. Drew Hubble in Escondido, Ca. This home was build with a combination of different products, rebar, 3.4 metal lath, steel beams and some 3-d panels, the shotcrete and Portland cement was applied by Hadrian Tridipanel Systems.

Footing and Panels.

The dome home getting ready to apply Portland cement and shotcrete.

Mixing Portland cement and sand at the pump. The work is adding a Kryton product called Kim; this is a water proofing additive which will water proof the cement shotcrete mix, more about this product with our links.

Bill Hadrian on the roof applying Portland cement shotcrete mix.

Applying Portland cement shotcrete to the roof of the dome type home.

A view of the front of the home after Portland cement has been applied.

Workman spraying a two inch coat of foam over the Portland cement on the roof or top side of the dome home.

The side and rear view of Bob’s home.

Bob Pruitt in front of his home.

The finish coat of stucco applied over Portland cement.

Bob’s wife installed all of this beautiful stone and glass work along this wall and some other walk ways.

This round radius wall here is built with 3-d panel system.