DIY using Fire Resistant SCIP prefabricated sandwich panels

Greg Grand’s project in Angels Camp in northern California. Greg has been building this home by himself in his spare time, a look at his concrete slab; part of the 3-D panel wall system will act as a concrete retaining wall.

Standing panels, scaffolding and braces.

Greg used this tool to remove the foam. The area with no foam is where the floor will connect to the 3-D panel wall system. This will become a concrete bond beam.

Greg, wanted his window raised off the 3-D panel wall system, he is installed them on a work beach to the desire size and then attached to the 3-D panel wall system by reversing our six inch wire mesh angles.

Attaching windows to 3-D panels for raised pop out effect, our six inch wire mesh angles were then applied over raw foam.

Window details, the rebar will create a small bond beam over the window and door openings.

Window installing.

Greg, called my office last week very concerned, the truss company refused to stock the trusses on the flimsy or weak looking wall system, I encourage him to give them a release and have them set the trusses which he did.

3-D panel wall system caring a complete roof load and also floor joist, prior to having shotcrete applied. I have been showing this photo to many of our engineering firms whom over engineer our product. The nine gauge wires welded from mesh to mesh twelve studs per 3-d panel are stronger than wood studs.

Rear view of Greg’s home and temporary scaffolding.

Side view of 3-D panel system.

The truss roof system being carried by the 3-D panel wall system before shotcrete has been applied to the walls.