Mexico – Disaster Resistant EVG 3D Panel Home


The homeowner was involved and hands on during the construction of his disaster resistant home.

Kent Ryan center, Rod Hadrian right, and neighbor and friend of Kent on the left Hoss holding a hog ring tool, he will be building his own 3-d panel home this year. Kent also built a beautiful style Baja home with the EVG 3-D Panels in 1995, we spent three days here, his home is beautiful inside and out.

Kent Ryan’s 3-d panel home, this home was built entirely with the 3-d panel building system. Please take note of the special exterior cement finish.

Exterior view of Kent’s home.

A close up view of the porch, take note of the wood post holding up netting and roof.

Rod Hadrian left and Kent Ryan sitting discussing building systems, please take note of the interior finish. All walls and window sills and wall tops are of 3-D Panels with a smooth plaster concrete finish.

A close up view of the window sills and concrete caps, the caps are stained dark brown, the walls have a smooth trowel finish and were painted yellow and white with a sponge by dapping on the wall to create the different colors. Please note the roof system logs or timbers tied together with rope, Kent told me he actually built the roof with thatch palms and did the fill in with the 3-D Panels a year later, and this building is approximately 20 foot by 20 foot square.

Kent told me this was the first structure he built; everything revolves around this area, his outdoor kitchen and bar. Notice his Christmas tree lights; our visit was Dec. 28th, 2004 we truly enjoyed our stay. Kent can be reached at He on occasion will rent these units out.