Disaster Resistant Dome Homes using 3D Cementitious Sandwich panels

This Dome Home project designed by Jim Hubbell and son Drew Hubbell for Eloise Lau and Dan Kinard of Vista, Ca. San Diego County. The home was built by Rod Hadrian of Hadrian Construction Co. Dan Kinard was of great assistance and very involved on a daily basis and work extremely close with Rod as changes were made on a daily basis.

Hubbell and Hubbell made visits on occasion to add their valuable input upon request of Dan, the home has a spectacular view in all directions, I watched many spectacular sunsets looking to the west the Pacific Ocean can be seen.

Dome Homes, the guest house consist of one large room with a large custom designed fireplace located at the base of the twenty four foot high egg shaped at the base cone, these were a challenge as we had to work inside of the cone shaped chimneys, we used #5 re-bar and created a ladder so we could go up and down with.

Dome Homes, this side view shows a view of deck which continues around to the other side of the home, a large concrete counter top with a concrete sink is located on the back side of a large radius wall, each dome has a large eye shaped window which faces west.

Dome Home, the project was very difficult to lay out, there were many key points to locate for each radius wall. The location of the 3″ steel pipes had to be exact, the owner and myself had a little difficulty doing the lay out work.

Dome Homes, per engineering 3″ diameter pipe was bent to the shape of each radius it was my felling the re-bar could have been used in place of this pipe, but I am not a registered California engineer.

Dome Homes, all Tridipanels were cut thru in the four-foot direction the diameter of the radius dictated the number of cuts per Tridipanel, cuts were approximately sixteen inches to every twenty-four inches on center.

Dome Homes also created were two large round cone shaped fire places, each approximately twenty four feet in height and more egg shaped than round, these proved to be quite a challenge the same method was used to build these as the domes.

Dome Homes Julio, installing portions of Tridipanel on the compound radius of the large dome, each dome has a large window which faces to the south west to let direct sun light into the room.

Dome Homes, another side view of the stair well.

Dome Homes, a Tridipanel stair way, the electric and utility rooms are under the upper end of this stairway, metal straps were placed into the Tridipanels at each side of the radius wall, then two by eights were used to form steps to the roof deck.

Dome Homes, end view of the Tridipanel Dome Home.

Dome Homes Oscar, removing foam from around three inch steel pipe on the deck of the guesthouse, the large twenty-foot long window will fit into this opening.

Dome Homes, the back edge of window template was reversed to let concrete create a lip to help water proof this dome panel building system.

Vincente and Oscar, installing window template on main home.

Dome Homes a view of the main home showing all four domes and chimney the front side of this home was all glass and steel to keep the windows as large as possible.

Dome homes, with the roof of the main home looking at a chimney and window opening, the guest home is in the rear.

Dome home, this is another view.

Dome home, this is Hadrian Tridipanel System’s nozzle man applying Portland cement to the top of the dome structure, the Portland cement was finished around the window template.

Dome home, Portland cement mortar mix being screed and leveled into place, note, the light gauge metal which creates a true radius for chimney opening.

Dome homes, Kryton waterproofing product called KIM was added to the Portland cement mix, two pounds per bag of Portland cement were used, we are distributors for this product, ask us about it.

Dome home, plaster adding the Kryton water proofing mix to ready mix.

Dome home with copper flashing was also used the help water proof this dome with a 1/2″ slot was cut into the finish Portland cement, the lip of the copper flashing was then placed into this slot and caulked, the roofing product was then brought up under the flashing.

Dome home, shotcrete crew applying stucco mix on the guess house, all stucco was hand applied.

Dome homes the project consist of two separate structures, this photo being the smaller dome home, the guesthouse.

Dome Homes, this photo was taken off the deck of the guest Dome Home showed the upper side of the chimney, and large eye shaped window opening, not shown is a radiuses shaped stair wall which enters the deck from the opposite side of the chimney, the view from the upper deck is spectacular.

Dome Homes, this project built with Tridipanels or the 3-d panel building system was quite a challenge. Dan Kinard the owner kept assuring myself that we could do this, a few times I had doubts myself, the following photos are a short recap of how this project was built.

Dome Homes, Julio a Hadrian Tridipanel lead man installing re-bar to receive foam panels, the Dome home consisted of four Domes on the main structure and one dome on the guest house.

Dome Homes, A bird cage was created, by using 3/8 re-bars the desired shape was created, the Domes were not a true radius each of the five were different all were created by using the eye.

Dome Homes Julio, connecting or tying the Tridipanel to the re-bar bird cage frame, from the inside of the Dome structure, the Tridipanel was cut from two directions at the top to create the compound radius, some small pie shape pieces were removed, this was all done by eye, no templates were use for this phase.

Dome Homes this Tridipanel is the four-inch thick foam with eleven gauge galvanize wire mesh product shown here being cut with a beam saw with a diamond edged concrete blade.

Dome Homes, Tridipanel Dome Homes, here is a portion of the guest house, the deck and front wall having not been installed, a radius stair well is built on the left side of this structure not shown in this photo.

Dome Homes, a side view of the exterior Tridipanel stairwell.

Dome Homes, a view of the finish stairway, small flat rocks were placed into wet cement steps at the owner’s direction.

Dome Homes, a view of the chimney and deck on the roof of the guesthouse, also the small low Tridipanel walls.

Tridipanel Dome Homes, five different Dome windows were installed, a template was created for each of the manufactures spec, semco windows were used, they provided the templates all windows fit the opening perfectly, this photo shows Dave and Oscar holding and installing the finished template into rough dome opening.

Dome Homes, Oscar installing bond breaker onto window template prior to installation.

Dome Homes, semco window installers installing the finished product, semco did and unbelievable job on this project and very professional for a very difficult project.

Dome Homes, metal flashing was installed under the Tridipanel where the roof connects most of the panels connect to the concrete footing below, plastic p.v.c. piping became our best friend, we used it through out for a plaster screed or guide to give us a nice radius wall.

Dome home, the carport was a little plain so a little pop out was created by the architect to break this up and note the plastic p.v.c pipe was used for the radius curved walls.

Dome home, we are applying the first coat of cement, Hadrian Tridipanel System plaster crew and pump, the Portland cement and sand are mixed on site.

Dome home, this is the crew applying Portland cement to the chimney of the guest house.

Dome home, the nozzle man on top of the dome, with plasters leveling the Tridipanel wall.

Dome home, at the base of this dome a ready mix company was called and a pea gravel with a Portland cement design mix was applied twelve inches thick at the base of the dome, this was tapered up approximately seven feet above grade, again the plastic p.v.c. pipe was used for screed lines.

Dome home, with the concrete truck driver and the shotcrete man getting ready to pump.

Dome home, a plaster applying the stucco finish coat around the window opening, earth tone colors were used.

Final Photos

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