Disaster Resistant Architecture using EPS, in Sri Lanka

Training provided by Rod Hadrian with Denny Segler in Sri Lanka standing in front of The World Trade Center Echelon Square, Denny has been involved in the construction business and resides in Henderson Nevada, Denny built and trained the locals in the construction of this 3-D Panel concrete home. In the following photos this 3-D Panel concrete home was competed in three weeks from start to finish no automated equipment or electric equipment was used everything was completed by hand. This home was built approximately 20 miles from Columbo about 400 meters or so from the ocean.

Denny helping with the layout of the foundation. Please take note of the glass installed on top of the block wall behind the workers heads to keep people from climbing over the wall!

Stone was place into the footing to save on concrete mix.

By pulling a diagonal line workers are squaring the footing.

All concrete or Portland cement mortar was mixed by hand with a hoe.

A large hoe and water brought to the mixing site with a bucket, this concrete Portland cement mortar mix was used for the footings and the 3-d panel walls all mixed in this one area.

The 3-D Panels were all installed in one day under Denny’s directions, the Sri Lanka workers learned very quickly and were very hard workers and want to learn the 3-d panel system.

Concrete Portland cement mortar being installed onto 3-d panel roof, the workers used large pointer trowels to do everything, walls, flat work both, notice the worker in the green sorts has no shoes on the wire mesh is extremely sharp on the 3-D Panels, I do not recommend this.

A rear view of 3-d panel home, the first coat of Portland cement mortar having been applied.

Shoring has been installed under the 3-d panel roof system, it is important to shore large opening or roof systems prior to installing the Portland cement mortar, also place the Portland cement on any interior walls or exterior walls prior to doing the roofs.

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