California Rebuild Fire Resistant; Builder- B. JAEGER INC.

A custom home under construction being built using concrete architecture, in Carmel Valley, Monterey California..

My father, Bryan Jaeger is the owner and founder of “B. Jaeger Inc. Construction”, and we build custom homes on the Monterey Peninsula.

A neighbor of ours, hired us to build his home, which will be built with EVG 3D Panel System, Tridipanel.  

It is a beautiful piece of property in Carmel Valley that has been used as cattle grazing pasture. This will be the first disaster resistant Tridipanel home being built in the Monterey County. Unfortunately, California continues to be struck with wildfires, and it is for this reason that we believe strongly that this type of construction is very promising for everyone involved, and that this is the first of many disaster resistant 3D Cementitious sandwich panel to be built in our area.

Our experience working with Rod and Julio of Hadrian Construction Co., continues to be a win, win. They jump started our process of standing up the panels and framing the house. During the three weeks that they were here, we were able to learn and understand how to build with Tridipanels, and the techniques, used to ensure quality control, this was valuable training. We have completely framed the lower level of the house and have it ready for concrete. Being that this is our first build, we relied on Hadrian Construction, Co. because of the 2 decades of experience they bring building with EVG 3D panel system,  the inherent ability to anticipate and understand how to build was evident; for example, we came across a dimensional situation regarding a retaining wall. Rod, Julio, and myself worked as a team, while Rod provided direction. Rod and Julio are experienced problem-solvers and industry experts.

We look forward to finishing this home, knowing  the satisfaction and peace of mind that a natural natural disaster resistant home provides our client for the long term.

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B Jaeger Inc. Carmel Valley Disaster Resistant Home Timeline






Window is Placed simply into 3D Wall Panel