About Us

About Us


Rod Hadrian - Owner

Rod Hadrian, is the founder of Hadrian Construction Co., with over two and a half decades of successful installations, Rod is revered as an industry visionary and teacher, with an impressive portfolio that, has withstood mother natures wrath.

Mr. Hadrian has overseen, and executed new projects with SCIP, prefabricated foam panels, in the USA, and Internationally, with positive testimonials in the following top categories, Eco Friendly-Green, and Disasters Resistant (Fire Resistant, Hurricane Resistant, Earthquake Resistant , Tornado Resistant, and Flood Resistant)

The most common architectural design builds are; homes, walls, water tanks, decorative counter tops, stairwells, and custom homes. However, Rod believes that just about anything can be built using the 3D Cementitious sandwich foam panels.

Architects and Engineers rely on Rod's experience, and consult with him, when given the task to build a disaster resistant project, and working with prefabricated 3D cementitious foam panels, it just saves money and time, and provides peace of mind for those invested in the project.

Building with a disaster resistant material is becoming a sure way to a sustainable and resilient future.


Bill Hadrian - VP/ Field Engineer

Bill Hadrian, oversees job site scheduling, establishes, monitors, maintains and updates the construction schedules.

Bill has the knowledge, experience and resources to find the solutions out in the field on a job site if questions occur regarding cement mixes, custom design pumps, used for shotcrete, reinforcement techniques and peripheral equipment.

With thirty years of experience in construction and twenty-five years building with 3D wall panels, specific to Expanded Polystyrene, he has compiled a resume as a key builder on many of our past and present projects.

Bill has run the field operations, as VP for Hadrian Construction for the last 15 years.


Gary Michaels

Gary Michaels works directly with architects, and engineers, during the Product Development phase, he serves as a go between with Rod Hadrian, by organizing your building plans, and prepares your design initiatives for Rod Hadrian. If necessary, there is the option for scheduled consulting time, with Rod, which includes; the approximate cost to build, reviewing of architectural, and engineering blueprints that you provide to us, scheduled conference calls with builders, and property owners, and when required, training and onsite inspections.

Gary will manage the amount of time spent, keeping your focus on a compatible design, this assists in controlling costs, and enables you to retain the best team to build your project. Gary has tremendous follow up, and he is an expert in 3D Expanded Polystyrene Foam.