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3-D Panel Outdoor Entertainment Center

3-D Panel Outdoor Entertainment Center.

Outdoor entertainment center and retaining wall. 3-D Panels act as a concrete retaining wall after shotcrete. By cutting one side of 3-D Panels you can create a radius, cut thru the wire mesh and foam, then shape to desired radius.

Finished outdoor entertainment center, note the soft flowing lines created with our 3-D Panel system, the concrete wall system is a reverse form and simple to work with.

3-D Panel columns created with four foam panel pieces were connected together with our wire mesh angles to form this concrete column. The wire mesh can be cut with end nippers, skill saw, or bolt cutters.

Arched 3-D Panel entry way to the entertainment center, one 3-D Panel arch having had cement mortar hand applied, the smaller arch shows the cuts thru wire mesh and foam at the top of the 3-D Panel arch.

3-D Panel arch after the finish stucco coat has been applied.

3-d panel arched walkway between the two buildings.

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