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Counter Tops, Seating Areas & Chimneys

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Finished photo of barbeque and counter top in rear and counter top and entrainment bar in front built with our tridipanel system.

Tridipanels of wire mesh and foam take shape as a barbeque and entertainment center behind homeowners resident in Oceanside, California.

Rough framing of column, radius walls, seating area for guest to sit, wire mesh foam panels are cut on one side to shape radius walls, columns can be created with scrap or loft over pieces of panel.

Foam panels with wire mesh angles holds seats firmly in place, temporary shoring has been placed under seats. The column has been fastened together and completed concrete will soon be applied.

Rough framing of barbeque & bar or entertainment center. The first coat of Portland cement has been applied to the areas that required pre filling and holds foam panels in place, the shoring or temperary bracing dropped.

We did not use a continous footing, but rather a galvised post set into a hole with concrete approximately seven foot on center. You can see the two posts under the seat in this photo.

Wire mesh 3-d panel columns are simple to create also electrical box and conduit, also another post in view directly under the seat, using the post system saves greatly on concrete cost.

3-D Panel wire mesh panels will also work for fireplaces, the small pieces on the top right side were installed after the Portland cement was applied on the interior of the chimney.

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