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Extended Stay of San Jose, CA

Extended Stay America, San Jose, California
This sound wall was built between the motel and a set of railroad tracks. The wall is approximately 600' in length and 15' in height.

Take note of the train on the other side of the wall line, this is the reason for the sound wall.

The cassions holes were drilled out two feet wide and nine feet deep. Number 5 rebar was then installed into cassion and will be brought up into wall inside columns.

Concrete being poured or pumped into cassions with inspector watching. The cardboard sona-tubes were set to the correct elevation so the panels did not have to be leveled, saving time.

Panels sitting on leveled cassions.

Panels are being ready for the upper portion of the sound proof wall installation.

Installing Panels

This wall was built on an old land fill.

Cassions were placed 10' on center, 2' x 9' deep. The rebar was brought up into a 12" x 12" column between the 10' long Tridipanels.

Note the pnuematic wire fastening tool.

This tool allows the panels to be fastened very rapidly. Another name for the tool is a 'hog ringer'. It fastens a small round ring around the wires on the panels.

Flat mesh is installed with a pneumatic wire fastening tool.

Bill Hadrian shotcreting or spraying portland cement to create a sound wall. After shotcrete has been applied, this concrete wall is ready for stucco/finish coat.

The wood-concrete form continued from the cassasion to the top of the tridipanel foam wall.

Metal bands were installed around the wood forms to hold them. The bands were pushed through the panels.

Spraying shotcrete on soon to be sound wall.

Finished sound wall.

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