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Upscale Residence

anels being readied to place into footings. Note the foam has been removed from the top of panels and rebar placed at each end.

The panels will then be turned over and placed into footing, the concrete will then flow through the wire and rebar. Two men can install several hundred feet of panel per day.

This system is very strong, don't be fooled by the foam. It is a concrete wall when finished!

Cutting square holes into the panels is done easily with a small pair of bolt cutters.

Many different designs can be created with the Tridipanel system.

Once the walls are set, cement is sprayed onto the surfaces.

Here is the finished wall. Notice the shelf that has been built into the wall.

The five square holes were cut in place and the shelf was installed by one installer in less than an hour.

Finished wall at Las Flores, stucco has been applied to 3-d panel wall.

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