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Wainae Project

Waianae Project: Getting ready to start project.

Insteel 3-D Panel being readied to erect. The foam is being removed from the end so the rebar will fit into the panel.

Insteel 3-D Panel being installed, the foam has been removed prior to standing, the floor will connect at this point, we will create a concrete bond beam.

Insteel 3-D Panel, wire is used to help raise the panels, this being the gable end the panels were twenty feet long.

Insteel 3-D Panels applying the flat mesh, this connects the panels together, this is used on both sides of the panels.

Insteel 3-D Panel, installing the gable end with panel over rebar.

Insteel 3-D Panels, burning the foam to allow concrete to flow around the rebar tie down. Note: the hog ring tool to the right of the man burning foam, this tool is used to fasten panels together.

Insteel 3-D Panels, the home is now coming together.

Insteel 3-D Panels, installing panels over garage door opening!

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