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Suzy Brown

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Another 3-d panel load, the 3-d panels are pre manufactured to the correct length to save cost, the 3-d panels are cut in eight inch increments, and the panels are unloaded by hand.

A small portion of Suzy Brown's home with 3-d panels that have been installed footings.

3-D panels standing with simple braces to hold the panel's 3-d panels straight and plum.

A close up view show's the corner angles on the exterior corner; a 12 inch by 12 inch wire mesh angle also a view of the flat mesh used to connect the 3-d panels, the flat mesh is 12 inches by 48 inches long.

Grade beam, the floor on the interior side of the 3-d panel wall system will connect to this grade beam, the 3-d panel installers will fasten a plywood form at their feet to the 3-d panel wall system, concrete will be placed into the void cavity where the foam was removed.

The interior side of the 3-d panel wall system, the wood ledger shown here will carry the floor system.

On this project the 3-d panels were used as a stem will below grade in some areas more that eight feet below grade, here the installer is burning foam away from the rebar to let concrete mortar mix rap completely around the rebar.

Inspecting the 3-d panel grade beam before applying the final plywood to the exterior side of the 3-d panel.

Johnny the lead 3-d panel installer spraying a wet cement mortar mix with 2500 psi or more with three and a half parts sand and one part Portland cement to the lower section of exterior side, he will spray tightly to the bottom of form to prevent cement from leaking from the bottom side of the form.

3-D panel system with a wooden truss system connected to the bond beam. (Note). Floors and roof truss are complete by using the same method, the roof trusses will be connected the same way.

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