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Denny Segler

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Denny Segler standing Tridipanels on his project in Henderson, Nevada, Denny set the panels in place in one day, in this photo Denny is installing the 5" foam core panel over the rebar, the two inch by two inch flat mesh is setting against the previously stood panel, the flat mesh will help hold the panel in place.

Denny with a propane torch burning out the foam where a treated wood plate will fit here. This plate will fit between the wire mesh, it will be fasten in place with J nails or screws, the roof trusses will connect here.

Roof trusses and plywood sheeting resting on the Tridipanel structural wall system, the Tridipanels with no Portland cement in place and capable of carrying heavy loads, each Tridipanel has twelve welded wire studs. A wire stud every four inches, the studs are made of nine gauge welded wire, welded diagonally from side to side.

Different types of windows can be installed in the Tridipanel wall system, the rebar above the window act as a header.

The rear view of the Tridipanel home.

The complete roof load and wood truss system setting on the Tridipanel wall system, before Portland cement mortar has been applied.

The electrical I run in conduit or plastic flex, this electrical box has been set in place, the cement will keep it from moving.

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