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Custom Home - Temecula, CA

A Sante Fe Style Home!

This recent Tridipanel project illustrates the beginning stages of a custom home being built in Temecula, California.

Please note the panels on the roof structure!

When panels are spanned over fifteen-feet, 3/8" rebar is placed into or on the panels and returned down the walls as you can see in the two photos here.

View of the backside of the 3-d panel home, you can see roof drains, window opening and door openings. The 3-d panels were pre-numbered by the builder for faster installation.

The electrical flex tubing installed in the 3-d panel ceiling.

3-D panels can be cut to any radius shape, also window and door opening can be easily cut using skill saw with diamond edge concrete blades or sabre saw or just plain wire cutters or small bolt cutters.

When completed, this will be a "Santa Fe" style home.

A bird's eye view of the 3-d panels used for the roof system. This builder used steel beams to strengthen longer thirty foot plus spans; this can also be done using 3-d panels on the edge creating concrete beams.

Wood beams installed above the garage door opening. Note: The re-bar above the large door opening and at each side of the 3-d panels.

Shelves can be created by using the corner angles above and under the 3-d panels.

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