Commercial Shopping Center, Palm Springs, CA

The propane torch trims back the polystyrene foam cleanly and neatly for installation of rebar, electrical conduit, and plumbing installations.

Structure with shotcrete / cement recently applied.

Standing an 18′ high panel on commercial building, Palm Springs, California, February 2001 Panels are very easy to stand. No heavy equipment is required.

May 2001 – GJ Murphy’s Construction
Columns and large door openings are reinforced with 5/8″ rebar placed inside the wire mesh to reinforce the columns and headers to accommodate engineer specifications. A propane torch is used to accommodate the rebar and it is fastened to the wire mesh.

Structure with final white stucco coat applied.

May 2001 – GJ Murphy’s Construction and his 300,000 square feet of office space with restaurant and shops. It is now under construction in Palms Springs, California at the corner of Washington Street and Highway 111. This commercial shopping center is being built using the Tridipanel Systems.

Photographs of this project cannot show its colossal size. This project is truly amazing in its size, speed and ease in which it is being constructed.

May 2001 – GJ Murphy’s Construction
The roof ledger was bolted directly to the Tridipanel system after concrete was applied. The ledger can be applied before or after concrete application.

A skilsaw using diamond edge masonry blade is used to easily cut doors and windows in panels.

Twenty-foot high walls, the worker in the high lift is fastening the flat mesh which ties the panels together.

Finished Commercial Shopping Center.

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