Bar-be-ques and outdoor entertainment centers are easy to create and build using our 3-D Panels and Portland cement.

3-D outdoor entertainment center complete. This bar now has a Mexican style palapa built over the top, it is not shown in this photo.

Outdoor entertainment center with seating area for guest in rear of home located in Oceanside, California. Designed and built by home owner, small wood braces were placed temporarily under the seats until the cement has been applied.

The first coat of Portland cement has been applied to the seats, the wood forms have been taken down as shown in this photo.

A finish photo of the seating area with tile and a smooth stucco finish.

Outdoor fireplace and entertainment center. Portland cement with large amounts of fire clay were use on the inside of this chimney, the small pieces of 3-D Panels were then fasten to the side facing you in the photo, Portland cement was then applied again to the interior side of the chimney with large amounts of fire clay also added to the interior.

3-D Panel fireplace with decorative tile set in place, the second coat of Portland cement has now been applied to the chimney.

3-D Panel fireplace and wall, I might also mention the 3-d wall behind and connected to the fireplace is also a retaining wall and is holding back a large amount of dirt!