ICC Details

ICC Details

Tridipanel structural concrete insulated panel (SCIP) building system, disaster-resistant, fire resistant, hurricane, tornado, earthquake resistant. Fire resistant Tridipanel consist of two flat metal wire mesh surfaces parallel to one another, connected with 9 gauge cross wires, center filled with expanded polystyrene (EPS). Concrete, Portland cement, shotcrete, Gunite, applied to both surfaces of the fire resistant Tridipanel, creating a structural load bearing wall. Fire resistant homes, commercial buildings. Tridipanel also creates hurricane resistant structures.

Fire Resistant Homes:

Fire resistant Tridipanel has a four hour fire rating. The structurally rated fire resistant concrete homes been built in high fire prone areas such as Southern California and survived fire storms.

Hurricane Resistant Homes:

The hurricane resistant Tridipanel is rated for winds over of 200mph, forming an almost hurricane-proof structure.

Earthquake Resistant Homes:

The earthquake resistant Tridipanel is resistant to earthquake damage.

Termites, Rodents, Ants, Mold, Black Mold:

The Tridipanel has no food source for rodents, ants, mold, and the cement exterior skin will not allow animals and rodents to enter the structure walls.