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Corner trowel or the tools at the left, square nosed pointer trowels lower left, red, green sponge flutes, red sponge flute, hard rubber red flute, far lower right trowels and derbies on top.

A darby scratcher. The teeth leave scratch marks in the first coat. The second coat (brown coat) or leveling coat holds better to the scratch coat. This tool is for production and use behind a nozzle man and pump. The darby tool on the bottom is used to level and smooth the second coat of Portland cement. Its call leveling coat or brown coat.

This is different types of plastering tools. A small plaster hand trowel on the left is used for everything. 2nd from the left is a long scratching darby used when working production, usually behind the nozzle man and pump. The scratch coat or first coat of Portland cement. Third from the left is another trowel used for everything. Fourth from the left is a darby which is used to level the wall on the second coat, called the brown coat or leveling coat. Fifth from the left is a hand scratch tool to spread the first coat. The teeth leave scratch marks for the second coat to hold to and become strong enough and not fall to the ground.

Walter standing behind portable a-frame scaffolding. Wood planks can be set on different levels. We have many of these framed at the same height. One hod carrier or workers set the scaffold and plank ahead of the plaster crew.

A photo of a mud board and stand. The board is used to hold cement mortar mix or pre-mixed stucco. The plasterer then moves the cement off the board with a trowel onto the hawk. The plasterer then applies the cement to the 3-d panel wall surface.

A mud stand used to hold cement mortar or stucco. A flat board will be set on top of the stand. The board size is approximately three feet square and is usually made of plywood.

A long rod or straight edge used to rod the wall down and keep it straight.

Different heights of walk thru frames and legs, the legs have holes for pins. The first row of frames is set level by adjusting the height of legs.

Scaffolding - one of the most over looked items when building with our 3-d panels. We use wood planks, straight braces, x braces, and walk thru frames.

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