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Hopper Sprayers

Hopper Sprayers are used to spray cement mortar mix onto 3-D panels. The small spray gun gets the job done. You can dip it directly into the wheel barrow for the cement just as if it were a shovel. The worker will dip the hopper sprayer into the wheel barrel to pick up more cement mortar; a small air line is connected to the handle and goes to the air compressor.

Spraying Portland cement with a hopper sprayer. This sprayer is inexpensive and will run off a normal air compressor.

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Inside view of hopper sprayer. The 3 ribs between the four and 3/4 inch diameter holes need to be made higher from bottom of hopper and come up approximately 1-1/4".

A side view of cylinder which passes thru hopper sprayer. The cylinder length is approximately seven inches long. The air comes in thru the handle and connects to a seven-inch long cylinder. The four small cylinders on the inside are connected to the seven-inch long cylinder.

The spacing between the four 3/4" diameter holes is approximately 1-1/2 inches, the outside diameter at the bottom is approximately 7". A thin aluminum sheet has been welded to the top of the cast aluminum bottom, this needs to be made larger and more open at the top. This may best be accomplished by doing the bottom cast aluminum and top welded.

A side view of the hopper sprayer.

The four small cylinders shapes are drilled out. The air is brought in thru the handle. There is a long air space perpendicular behind the four cylinders with a brass plug in each side approximately 3/8 to 1/2 inch in diameter. The plug can be removed to clean excess cement out to keep the air passage way clean. A small steel or brass sleeve approximately 1/16" to 1/8". It has been pressed or driven into the center of the four small cylinders at the backside and the bottom of the sprayer. The air flows thru the cylinders and pushes the cement out thru the four 3/4" holes in the front.

The side view of the hopper spray handle is centered and comes into the backside of the hopper sprayer. Air comes into the sprayer thru this handle.

This hopper sprayer needs to be improved. I am requesting pricing on the bottom portion of this sprayer; I believe it to be cast aluminum. The back of the bucket or top back side of the bucket the same so the spray man can wear a harness with straps and he can clip the harness to the back of the hopper.